depop selling tips

Wanting to sell on depop and looking for some depop selling tips? Here are the best tips for selling on depop.

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depop selling tips

If you’re looking to start selling on depop, you may be in need of some depop selling tips.

As someone who’s been a depop seller for almost 2 years now, I’m sharing my best tips for how to sell on depop. This past month I made $150+ on Depop, and this is how I did it!

Here are my best tips that will help you increase your chances of selling on Depop.

This post is all about depop selling tips.

The Best Depop Selling Tips That Will Increase Your Chances Of Selling

1. Good Quality Pictures

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How To Take Good Quality Pictures

Things You Need

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Getting a tripod ring light with a bluetooth remote and a backdrop helps SO much when it comes to taking high quality pictures for Depop.

When I first started selling on Depop, I was using the self timer on my phone and propping my phone on a window sill to try and take pictures. It was SUCH a pain. My phone would fall down every two seconds and it was stupid hard to get the right angle for pictures.

Getting these two things will help make your pictures for Depop so much better, which will increase your chance of selling. They’ll also make your life SO much easier.

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Tips For Taking Pictures
Use Square Photo Mode

When you list photos of items on Depop, the app crops photos to a square shape. To know what your pictures will look like when uploaded to Depop, it’s best to use square mode so they won’t get cropped when you upload them.

Post 4 Photos Of The Item

Depop favors listings that use all of the 4 available photo slots. Make sure you get 4 good pictures of your item. I usually will try to do different poses to get different angles so buyers know what the whole item looks like.

Model The Clothes

Your item is more likely to sell if you model the clothes than if you are showing it on a hanger or a flat lay. People like to see what an item looks like on! Modeling the clothes can take some extra time, but it makes it so you’re more likely to sell.

Make Sure You Can Clearly See The Item

When you’re taking pictures of an item, make sure you can see the details and don’t cover up the item! Make sure you get at least a couple photos of the item where it isn’t covered up by any accessories.

Style The Item In A Cute Way

Styling the item in a cute outfit makes it look more desirable. It also gives buyers an idea of how to wear it! People are a lot more likely to buy something that looks cool and trendy.

2. Write Good Descriptions

Another thing that is super important when it comes to increasing your chances of making a sale are descriptions. Here are some things you need in your descriptions!

Full Description Of The Item

Make sure you fully describe your item in the description. Include brand, a summary of the item, important features, what era it’s from, etc. Having a full description of the item will help you show up in search results!

Include Condition Of The Item And Flaws

If your item has any flaws, make sure you include some pictures of them and also describe them in the description. If an item doesn’t have any flaws, I like to write “no noticeable flaws” in the description so buyers know for sure.

Depop now has a section when you’re listing that you can include what condition an item is, so be sure to utilize that as well!


Measurements are so important to include in the descriptions on Depop. When online shopping, it can be hard to tell whether an item will fit or not because you can’t try it on. Including measurements in the description will help buyers know for sure whether or not an item will fit.

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I use a tape measurer like this to take measurements of items for Depop, but you could also use the measure app on your phone! I just find using a physical tape measurer much easier and more accurate.

Shipping Price

Something I’ve started doing on Depop is including the shipping price in my descriptions. Doing this helps buyers know how much the item is with shipping up front without having to go through the whole process of checking out.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Depop lets you use 5 hashtags per item, and it’s important to use them wisely. Make sure you use things you think someone would search if looking for an item like the one you’re listing.

Some that I typically like to use that are relevant to my shop are “cottagecore,” “fairycore,” and “dainty.” I also like to include hashtags of what the item specifically is, for example, “vintagenightgown.”

Add Tags

Depop now has a section when you’re listing where you can tag extra details. It has a section for style, which includes source, age, and style, and also lets you add the colors of your item. Be sure to use this to rank in the search results!

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3. Price Your Items Right

When trying to figure out how to price an item, I like to google the item to see what it is worth new, or if it’s vintage, what other people are selling it for. Then I like to go on Depop to see what people are selling it for (or similar items if you can’t find the exact one). This will give you a pretty good idea of how you should price an item.

4. Refresh Listings

Something a lot of people don’t know you can do on Depop is refresh listings. Doing this will push your items back up to the top of search results, because Depop shows the most recent listings first. Refreshing your listings makes it look like you just posted the item.

To refresh an old listing, you go to a listing and press “edit” and then “save.” I do this at least once a day!

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5. Post New Items Consistently

The more items you have, the more eyes will be on your profile. Listing new items consistently will not only make it so you have more items in your shop, but it will also increase the chances of selling some of your older items.

How To Get Good Reviews

Reviews are really important when it comes to whether or not a buyer will purchase an item from you. Having good reviews shows buyers that you’re trustworthy and a good seller, and makes them much more likely to buy from you.

Here are some things to do to have good customer service that can help with getting good reviews on Depop.

6. Be Communicative With Buyers/ Potential Buyers

Communication is SO important when it comes to Depop. Communicating with people interested in your items will increase your chances of selling. If someone messages you about an item, try to promptly respond to them.

Along with communicating well with potential buyers, using good communication when someone buys an item is SUPER important.

As soon as someone buys an item, I like to message them and thank them and give them an idea of when I’ll be dropping their item off at the post office. I also like to give them updates if there are any before I ship it out, and I’ll send them a message once an item is dropped off at the post office.

It is important to keep your customers in the loop and let them know what they can expect when they buy something from you.

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7. Ship Quickly

It is so frustrating to buy something from an online seller and then have to wait indefinitely for an item to ship. (Been there done that, one time I waited 2 months for someone to ship me a pair of shoes).

Shipping your items out as quickly as possible will make your buyer happy, which also makes them more likely to leave a good review.

Depop has a feature where they show on your profile how fast you ship. The faster your shipping times are, the more likely someone is to buy from you!

8. Cute Packaging

Packing items is one of my favorite parts of selling on Depop. I love to make my packages so cute so buyers will be excited when they open them.

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I like to use these eco friendly mailers for small orders. For bigger orders, I like to reuse boxes I have on hand, and I wrap items in this tissue paper to make them look super cute!

Including thank you cards is another thing you can do when packing orders. It’s nice to do, and could help you get good reviews. You can use thank you cards like these, or you could make your own hand written ones!

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9. Freebies

Another thing that can help you get good reviews is including cute freebies.

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For freebies, I like to use these cute little bags. Lately I’ve been including one of these cute mochi squishy as a freebie in every order. I also include cute stickers!

Including a freebie isn’t necessary, but it is a very cute and nice thing to do, and the buyer will likely appreciate it!

This post was all about the best depop selling tips.

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